Moosend Generative AI

Moosend Introduces Generative AI for Email Content Creation

Moosend has introduced Generative AI, a new feature that makes it easy for marketers to create compelling email newsletter content.

Moosend Generative AI

Currently, in its beta phase, the Moosend Generative AI feature is accessible to all users, offering a quick and easy way to create engaging newsletter content.  This feature is particularly important for marketers looking to improve their email open rate.

All you need to generate newsletter content or the subject line is one or two keywords about your topic.  You can also use it to improve your existing content.

To use Moosend Generative AI, follow the procedure:

  • Login to your Moosend account
  • Access the template editor
  • Navigate to the newsletter content section and select AI Writer from the left sidebar
  • Choose your desired objective: enhancing writing, correcting spelling and grammar, shortening or lengthening content
  • The AI Writer editor will appear; specify word limits and select the desired tone (professional, enthusiastic, informative, approachable, persuasive)
  • Click the ‘generate’ button to generate the content
  • Insert the generated content into your desired section by clicking the ‘insert’ button

Beyond email newsletters, Moosend Generative AI can create content for landing pages and email subscription forms.

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